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Injection Therapy


Steroids (also called Corticosteroids) are known to relieve pain and inflammation. Corticosteroids injections are particularly effective for the symptoms of Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain in the joint, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist and hip.  

Additionally, commonly used for providing quick pain relief (lasting for months) for severe and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA) and other soft tissue conditions, steroids can tackle pain and inflammation to allow more range of movement (ROM) in the joints (and subsequently muscles) for restoration of pain-free function.    


Hyaluronan and Hyaluronic Acid injections

Normal joint fluid contains a substance called hyaluronan, and your body makes hyaluronic acid which acts like a shock absorber and lubricant in the e.g. knee joint helping the joint work properly. 

hyaluronan is highly viscous and is a natural component of synovial fluid allowing the cartilage surfaces of the bones to glide upon each other smoothly, leads to decrease symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

The treatment for the knee Osteoarthritis injections ranges from a one-time to weekly injections for three to five weeks. Evidence supports pain relief after 12 weeks affecting the knee up to several months. Hyaluronic injections can be repeated as necessary,

At FAB Clinic, we provide treatments involving the injection of both hyaluronic acid and corticosteroids.



The Procedure

To obtain a sound diagnosis, a senior practitioner will conduct a through assessment prior to administering injections.  Following this, the skin on the affected area is cleansed thoroughly by disinfectants. The steroid injection is then administered directly inflamed and problematic area such as a joint or around the soft tissue. Injections (both steroids and hyaluronan) are made over or into joints, around specific nerves or soft tissues to diagnose the source of the pain as well as treating the pain.

You will then be asked to remain in the clinic for a further (approximately) 15 minutes to ensure any potential discomfort is appropriately dealt with by your practitioner.


Most such steroid injections are standard, safe and comfortable procedures without the need for anesthesia. During your thorough examination, you’ll be advised if there are any barriers to receiving an injection based on your (pre)existing medical conditions.


Is it for me?

Steroid injections for pain management are typically not recommended for those:

  • With skin infection in your body

  • With steroid allergies

  • With approaching surgery on the area soon

  • Who are pregnant

  • Under 18


price per joint (can be injected every 3-4 months)
Steroid Injection | Small Joint
30 Min.
price per injection (course of 3 injections required)
Hyaluronic Acid | Single Injection
45 Min.