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Physiotherapy Treatments

Our approach to physiotherapy:

More often than not, injuries cause limited ranges of movement (ROM). This in turn will affect patients’ daily functions such as bending down, walking, moving arms and legs free of pain. In order to treat the condition, movement must be restored. This is why focusing on the provision of a movement-enabled

physiotherapy to achieve the treatment goal of restoring function whilst strengthening associated muscle groups to minimise the risk of future injury.

Human body is designed intelligently to initiate self-healing, once a full ROM has been made possible. A combination of manual therapy & exercise therapy can help correct limitations allowing a timely rehabilitation & recovery so that you can go back to your routine activities.



Injuries treated:

Whiplash associated disorders/pain  |  Postural related pain & deformities  |  Sports injury  |  Headache  |  Lower back pain  | repetitive strain injury  |  Sciatica  |  Arthritis  | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  |  Chronic pain syndrome  |  Dizziness, vertigo & imbalance  |  Wrist pain  |  Shoulder pain  |  Frozen shoulder  |  Tennis elbow  |  Golfers’ elbow  |  Military neck  |  Bursitis  |  Dancing injuries | Plantar Faciitis | Achilles Tendinopathy | Achilles Tendinitis | Osteoarthritis (OA) | Hip Osteoarthritis | Knee Osteoarthritis | Joint Osteoarthritis & MORE!

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physiotherapy at FAB Clinic


Choices include:

Assessment | 30min

Assess + Treat | 60min

Assess with Ultrasound | 30min

Assess + Treat | Home Visit | 60min

Treatments Include:

Manual Therapy                                      Gait Analysis
Manipulation (i.e. clicking)                Standard Physiotherapy
Electrotherapy (Laser & TENS)                    Injection Therapy     .
Soft-tissue Release                                     Acupuncture  .
    Exercise Therapy                                 Patient Education
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Stroke rehabilitation | Headache & Migraines | Menstrual cramps | Fibromyalgia | Myofascial pain | Osteoarthritis | Low back pain | Carpal tunnel syndrome | Difficulty breathing | Dental pain | Labour pain

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Deep tissue, full-body or sports injury massage are among some of the most popular massage therapy treatments we offer.

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