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Loss in skin elasticity & volume are inevitable as we age as a direct result of reduction in collagen production in our blood stream, This effect manifests itself by causing skin sags and wrinkles. Whilst no one likes to live with the unpleasant consequences of aging, wrinkle depth and preference of individuals' seeking can call for various treatment options ranging from invasive (i.e. surgical) to non-invasive solutions. Here at FAB Clinic aesthetics department, we offer a number of anti-wrinkle treatment options by our fully-qualified aestheticians. The benefits of our facial injection treatments include: complete/partial (depending on severity) of wrinkles, frown/laugh & fine lines in the face and reduction & elimination of dark circles.


Carried out by experienced aesthetic doctors & practitioners (and not nurses!)

Enjoy GOLD-STANDARD aesthetic products & material (i.e. Juvederm ® + Bocouture ®)

Done without general anaesthesia

With NO surgical scarring

Only takes 15-20 minutes

Extremely routine so you can go back to normal IMMEDIATELY

Effective with natural results

Free consultation

We offer FREE consultation on ALL aesthetics procedures

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PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

& Hair Growth 

PRP for Hair Growth

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for facial rejuvenation & hair growth is a cosmetic procedure that involves extracting a small amount of blood from patients (usually arms), enriching & separating the platelets containing growth factors (i.e. bioactive proteins & electrolytes) necessary for hair’s rejuvenation as well as promote collagen growth underneath the skin achieving below goals:


Reducing fine lines and wrinkles | Tightening and toning skin | Mild collagen and volume loss | Crow’s feet and dark under eye circles | 

Acne scarring | Rosacea


Such growth factors are paramount in initiating and accelerating follicle (on scalp) & tissue repair (skin & hair), recovery & regeneration. Patients’ own blood enriched plasma is then carefully injected back into the skin & scalp to ensure access to the necessary and sufficient nutritious growth factors. The advantage of this procedure is that it is very routine with very low chance of rejection by the body as platelets are drawn from patients’ own bodies. PRP also helps minimise hair loss in men & women whilst increasing hair density, thickness (for hair) & collagen & tone (skin) whilst reducing the depth of wrinkles.  

Whilst results vary in different individuals, improvements are usually seen within 2 months. PRP injections are usually advised to take place 4-8 weeks apart for a course of 3 treatments.

Results have been seen in patients with Androgenetic Alopecia and with Alopecia Areata as well as in men suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for facial rejuvenation & hair growth is a cosmetic procedure that involves extracting a small amount of blood from patients (usually arms), en...
PRP | Facial Rejuvenation | Hair Growth


The content used in the high street anti-wrinkle injections are essentially a purified form of B-toxins obtained from bacteria. In large quantities, the material can be dangerous, however, regulated amounts of it are proven to correct wrinkles as used for decades.

The wrinkle-correcting injections function through blocking the nerve signals in the muscles at the location of injection. Temporary muscle paralysis is achieved as a result of the nerve signal interruption which consequently leads to the softening, reduction and even removal of facial wrinkles due to the lack of muscular movement in the face. Such treatments made with the B-toxin are sometimes called neuromodulators or neurotoxins.


Wrinkle-Relaxing injections create temporary paralysis in the facial muscles helping them relax. This over time achieves a wrinkle-free appearance in the face in addition...
Wrinkle-Relaxing Injection | Single Area
Wrinkle-Relaxing injections create temporary paralysis in the facial muscles helping them relax. This over time achieves a wrinkle-free appearance in the face in addition...
Wrinkle-Relaxing Injection | 3 x Areas

Injectables will correct & enhance

Forehead wrinkles | Frown Lines | Crow’s Feet | Bunny Lines | Under Eye Fine Lines | Smoker’s Lines



Additionally, we treat Hyperhidrosis (i.e. excessive sweating) in which body's excess

thyroid hormones circulate through the blood causing a pronounced acceleration in

bodily chemical reactions resulting in uncontrollable sweating. As part of our non-surgical

procedures available, we offer armpit injections to significantly reduce the excessive

sweating symptom.

Botox injections (usually 15-20) are administered to the affected area (such as armpits etc) that serve to block the signals from the brain to the sweat glands triggering...
Axillary Hyperhidrosis (i.e. underarms)
30 min


Dermal fillers also known as soft tissue fillers are a non-invasive rejuvenation treatment option are generally injected underneath the surface of the skin to in order to add volume and fullness.

A liquid substance is injected into target areas such as the lips, the cheeks, and beneath the eyes. Injections will then almost immediately hydrate and lift the soft tissue which will then consequently give the skin a natural, fresh and youthful look.


Dermal fillers help create a more even surface area in the lower part of the face (i.e. eye level down) with more fat deposits (as opposed to muscular composition).
Dermal Fillers | Single Injection 0.5ml
30 min
Dermal fillers help create a more even surface area in the lower part of the face (i.e. eye level down) with more fat deposits (as opposed to muscular composition).
Dermal Fillers | 2ml | Cheeks
30 min

Injectables will correct & enhance

Nose | Lips | Under Eye | Facial Contours | Laughter Lines


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