Why Focus Dual Technologies Are An Essential Part Of Personal Rejuvenation

Why Focus Dual Technologies Are An Essential Part Of Personal Rejuvenation

Why Focus Dual Technologies Are An Essential Part Of Personal Rejuvenation

There are many ways to rejuvenate your sense of self. For example, taking a long, luxurious soak in your bathtub, walking in nature fresh after it’s been raining, or spending some time in relaxing meditation can restore you back to your best self.

Face and body treatments can also help you resolve all your tension and rejuvenate your body in the best way possible.


The most celebrated methodology is that of Focus Dual technology, combining High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Radiofrequency Microneedling (RF).

 Let’s discuss how these treatments are applied and the benefits they can offer:

What is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?

Revitalizing your neck, face, and even wider body, HIFU will use heat to target the deeper layers of your skin. Through this, it will reach the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, also known as SMAS, to unlock collagen laying dormant and encourage collagen production up to three months after application. It does this without damaging the surface of your skin at all.

What is Radiofrequency Microneedling (RF)?

Many people, especially those who may be getting older, consider the utility of facelifts. But surgery doesn’t have to be your only option. Both skin tightening and non-surgical lifting for face rejuvenation can be encouraged through RF microneedling.

But how is this applied? Microneeding via radio frequencies that generate heat stimulates collagen and elastin production. In this way, treatment specialists apply highly accurate and contained skin trauma that your body heals, tightening the skin without damaging it. This is a completely safe procedure – think of how lifting weights breaks down your muscle fiber and a healthy protein diet helps to repair and strengthen you – that principle is in action here without ever asking you to go under the knife.

Why are these treatments referred to as ‘Dual Focus’ technologies?

Both HIFU and RF technologies are considered complementary treatments that can make a great deal of difference to your skin health, and promote looking and feeling younger.

Through its encouragement of the SMAS system, HIFU treatments can be applied to aid with jawline definition, eyebrow lifting, reducing volume, and even targeting double chins, especially after weight loss.

On the RF side, improving skin tone, reducing pores, treating stretch marks, scaring and acne are all possible, and can provide highly effective results.

As you can see, the full gamut of skin treatments, especially facial, can be covered by these two treatments alone, without ever requiring invasive surgical methods. Combined, these treatments will help fight wrinkles, promote the regeneration of collagen, and tighten loose skin more effectively.

As a set of skin treatments, there may be nothing more effective. Combined with an excellent personal care and treatment regimen, you’re sure to feel rejuvenated.

The skin is our most sizeable organ, and we tend to wear the years on our faces. For that reason, self-care with these most effective and proven treatments can be a great way to reset and refocus our sense of self.

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