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Who We Are

Established in 2013, FAB Clinic is a specialised musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy practice with a dedicated facial aesthetics department in Hanwell, west London. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry, we bring to our patients & clients a wealth of experience, expertise & care throughout our departments.


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

We treat patients with a variety of musculoskeletal symptoms and injuries. The spectrum of our patients ranges from private walk-ins to insurance clients and GP referrals. All our physiotherapist clinicians are fully trained, insured and regulated by the HCPC and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP). We treat patients at our clinic and offer home visits.


Facial Cosmetics & Aesthetics

We provide an uncompromisingly competitive quality of facial rejuvenation & anti-wrinkle treatments for men & women. Run by experienced maser aesthetics practitioners, our clients enjoy lasting & natural-looking results on a comprehensive host of treatment options available. Trusted by many individuals with their appearance, we consistently & exceedingly go out of our way to impress our clients with unrivalled treatment dexterity & care quality throughout.


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Wrinkle Treatments

wrinkle injection facial injectables

Dermal Fillers Injections

Used to add volume & fullness, dermal filler injections are carried out by injecting a liquid substance into target areas such as the lips, the cheeks, and beneath the eyes. Injections will then almost immediately hydrate and lift the soft tissue giving the skin a natural, fresh and youthful look.

Dermal filler injections will be done for:

Nose correction | Wrinkle Injection | Lip augmentation | Tear trough (under eyes) | Facial Contours | Laughter Lines | Smokers’ lines | Cheek enhancement | Chin correction | Jawline definition | Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Lip Dermal Fillers


A very effective way to add a little extra volume, shape and plumpness to your lips – regardless of your age is by lip augmentation which also essentially enhances the shape of your mouth. No matter how old you are, a dermal lip filler injection is pretty popular treatment to help achieve the results you want.

Your body’s natural collagen production starts to gradually reduce after the age of thirty. This in turn changes the shape, volume and youthfulness of your lips. A common symptom of this reduced collagen level is the droopiness and sagging in the facial features – lips are no exception. However, a lip dermal filler treatment can help the natural shape of your lips to be restored immediately.

While it is normal for some people to have naturally thin lips, some patients’ idea of perfect lips differ in that they pursue a more voluminous look in their lips. Whatever the reason, lip filler injections are very effective in achieving your desired appearance.

lip dermal fillers

Benefits of lip dermal fillers

  • Increase volume & fullness of the lips
  • Better lip definition
  • Improve the appearance of your lips and smile
  • Administered by highly qualified medical professionals
  • Routine treatments, long-lasting & natural results with lip fillers

Best for improving below lip conditions 

  • Thin lips needing more volume
  • Uneven lips (upper & lower imbalance)
  • Shapeless lips
  • Sagging lips
  • Undefined lips

Cheek Dermal Fillers

Taking up a considerable area of our faces, plump & high cheeks are desirable by men (for a more masculine look) as well as women. However, with age, our cheeks start to sink down losing volume, contour definition. The shape of our cheeks are also affected by the many phases of losing & gaining weight we go through.

Cheek dermal filler injections bring back the lost volume in the cheeks and optimise the contours around the cheek bones for a better shape & definition. Great facial symmetry can be achieved by cheek dermal fillers for both older patients for more youthfulness as well as young individuals for improved facial aesthetics.

Benefits of cheek dermal fillers

  • Immediate results seen
  • Regain volume in cheeks – improved cheek contours
  • Minimally invasive & non-surgical
  • Administered by highly qualified medical professionals
  • Routine treatments, long-lasting & natural results with cheek fillers


Best for improving below cheek conditions

  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Wrinkles on cheeks
  • Flat Cheeks
  • Low volume cheeks
  • Cheek contours
  • Saggy cheeks

Tear Trough Dermal Fillers

The thinning of the tear trough region under your eyes create dark circles under your eyes. The sinking of the under-eyes can often lead to your eye sockets bones to show as well. This then gives it a tire-looking and worn-out appearance which in early stages can be hidden by heavy makeup. However, if not taken care of, permanent changes to your tear troughs can look very severe. In many individuals, this can be caused by or worsen by a consistently bad diet or sleep regimen.

We administer tear trough dermal fillers to help the under-eye region to rejuvenate, help the delicate skin to regain its lost volume and appear more youthful without any dark circles and unimpressive shadows. The tear trough dermal filler is a very delicate area and that’s why at FAB Clinic, we only have expert medical staff and master aestheticians carry out such procedures and use premium dermal brands.

tear trough dermal fillers

Benefits of tear trough dermal fillers

  • Rejuvenated and young-looking tear troughs immediately
  • Administered under local sedation
  • Minimally invasive & non-surgical
  • Administered by highly qualified medical professionals
  • Routine treatments, long-lasting & natural results with cheek fillers

Best for improving below (under) eye conditions

  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Tired-looking eyes
  • Wrinkled under-eye skin
  • Thinned out under-eyes with dark pigmentation

Nose Correction and Reshaping (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)


Imperfection of the nose can look very prominent on the face and can make you self-conscious. Nose correction and reshaping is a very routine procedure at FAB Clinic done under local sedation and ranges from a wide variety of conditions. Non-surgically administered nose dermal fillers and hyaluronic acid fillers help correct the irregularities of the cartilage of the nose, bumps in the bridge of the nose as well as uneven and crooked lines on the nose surface visible specially in profile view (i.e. side view).

Nose correction or non-surgical rhinoplasty is an advanced procedure administered by our master aestheticians here which aims at achieving optimal nose aesthetics regardless of its current shape whilst improving the nose definition and contouring.

nose correction dermal fillers

Most advanced injection and aesthetics techniques are employed to ensure results are consistent with individual patients’ nose profile for great looking nose appearance.

Multiple corrections can often be identified on consultation and carried out in one go.

Procedures are very routine with zero downtime and results are seen immediately.

Benefits of nose correction dermal fillers

  • Aesthetic yet natural looking nose shape
  • Corrected un-even and bumpy nose
  • Fully reshaped to bring out other facial features
  • Adjusted against structural and minor imperfections
  • Administered under local sedation
  • Administered by highly qualified medical professionals
  • Lasting results with nose correction dermal fillers

 Chin & Jaw Dermal Fillers (Chin Augmentation – Jawline Definition)

shape related chin imperfections are usually products of genetic factors. Longer chins and more defined jawlines in both men and women are favoured more. Jawline definition in the lower jaw area can gradually diminish as we age through shrinkage. Although the bone structure is what dictates the appearance, other soft-tissue elements such as lower lips as well as aging or injury have roles to play in the appearance of your chins and jaws. Additionally, individuals with higher body fat percentages who wish to benefit from the perceived “chiselled” look can achieve this through the chin dermal fillers or the jawline dermal filler definition.

A chin correction and a jawline re-definition procedure is a very delicate treatment requiring great dexterity and experience. Here at FAB Clinic we administer such injections routinely by master aestheticians. The treatment will achieve a well-defined appearance on the chins and jawlines through lengthening the dimensions of your chins whilst giving your jaws the popular streamlined and strong appearance.

Benefits of chin correction & jawline definition

  • Corrected weak look of the chin and jawline
  • Improved perceived bodyfat percentage (i.e. pudgy face look)
  • Facial symmetry
  • Visibly great looking neck to chin contours
  • Minimally invasive & non-surgical
  • Administered by highly qualified medical professionals
  • Routine treatments, long-lasting & natural results with cheek fillers
chin jaw dermal fillers

Wrinkle Injections (Toxins)

Age related wrinkles on the face are inevitable. Muscle contractions on the foreheads cause the wrinkles to appear more with certain facial muscle movements. In some people, facial contractions are stronger which in time cause deeper wrinkles naturally. Wrinkle-relaxing injections are used to relax such muscle contractions so to alleviate the appearance of further wrinkles. This is achieved by blocking the nerve supply to the hyper-active muscles so the contractions cannot happen voluntarily. On the foreheads, wrinkles appear the most as forehead muscles run all across the area above the eyebrows.

Frown lines appear however in between the eyebrows whereas bunny lines wrinkles form due to activating the muscles around the nose upon expression certain facial expressions over time. Further, wrinkling the eyes when we laugh leads to wrinkles around the edges of our eyes called the Crow’s feet. Anti-wrinkle injectables are very routine, popular and safe. Book you consultation with a master aesthetics staff at FAB Clinic today for a wrinkle-free look today.

dermal fillers

Benefits of wrinkle-relaxing injections

  • Wrinkle-free foreheads, frown, bunny and smile lines
  • Treats excessive sweating in the armpits
  • Crow’s feet (around the eyes) wrinkles relaxed
  • Gummy Smile correction by toxins
  • Administered by expert aestheticians
  • Routine, safe and long-lasting results

Further, wrinkling the eyes when we laugh leads to wrinkles around the edges of our eyes called the Crow’s feet as well as Gummy Smiles which are due to hyper-activity of the muscles revealing the gums when smiling. Anti-wrinkle injectables are very routine, popular and safe. Book you consultation with a master aesthetics staff at FAB Clinic today for a wrinkle-free look today.

Facial Injection Treatments Available

wrinkle injection facial injectables

Wrinkle Injection (Toxins)

Wrinkle injection for: Forehead wrinkles | Frown lines | Crow’s feet | Bunny lines | Under-eye fine lines | Smoker’s lines | Marionette | Gummy smile | Men & women

Injection therapy growth factor therapy

Growth Factor Therapy – Face

Reducing fine lines and wrinkles | Tightening and toning skin | Mild collagen and volume loss | Crow’s feet and dark under eye circles | Acne scarring | Rosacea

wrinkle injection facial injectables

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Thyroid’s hormones in the blood causing a pronounced acceleration in chemical reactions resulting in uncontrollable sweating in:

Under-arms | Palms of hand

wrinkle injection facial injectables


Treats skin pigmentation issues | Treats acne scarring | Solves sluggish blood circulation | Achieves visibly improved skin radiation & hydration | minimal downtime

Growth Factor Therapy – Hair

Slows or reverses Male Pattern Baldness | Thickens existing grafts | Promotes new hair growth | Revitalises hair follicles | achieves better hair density | very safe | Suitable for men & women



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