Frown Lines Wrinkles

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    What is the Fab Clinic Frown Lines Wrinkles

    Frowning employs the muscles in between the eyebrows which deeps as we contract them. Over time, this muscle group, being very thin does not relax to its original state (i.e., uncontracted) portraying an angry look. Spending hours under direct sunlight does also contribute massively to the appearance of frown lines. Tiny injections of Botulinum Toxin are administered in between the eyebrows to achieve a wrinkle-free look by blocking muscle movement and contraction. Results will be a younger looking and fresh look as soon as the toxins take effect.    

    Frown lines can also be treated using dermal fillers depending on their nature (i.e., static, or dynamic). Your aesthetics practitioner or doctor will advise you on assessment.

    Toxins are individually prescribed by the treating practitioners for you specifically and we only use the highest quality substance brands available in the UK.  

    All facial injections are strictly administered by highly experienced and qualified advanced aesthetics staff or GMC-registered doctors at FAB Clinic.

    *Results may vary from person to person

    Summary Of Your Treatment

    • Procedure Time

      Approx. 20min

    • Back To Work


    • Anaesthetic


    • Results

      Within 3 Days

    • Risks & Complications

      Minor Bruising, Irritation

    • Prices


    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How long will it take before I see results?

    Results are expected usually from the 3rd day of your injection

    • How long will the results last for?

    In general, wrinkle injections last approximately 3-4 months. However, individuals with higher or lower than average muscle activity can expect proportionally higher or lower lasting results, respectively.

    • Is the injection painful?

    Wrinkle injections are very routine and minimally invasive. Low to moderate discomfort will be experienced. With that said, prior to the injection, the area is anaesthetised using a strong numbing cream for maximum patient comfort.

    • How long before I can go back to my normal life?

    Some redness and irritation will be experienced during the administration of the injection, and you can almost immediately resume your normal activities with some limitations in order for your toxins to work effectively (SEE AFTERCARE).

    • Do I need a follow-up appointment after my injection?

    Usually not. However, patients are offered a complimentary touch-up on ALL our wrinkle injections should they need to within 2 weeks of the appointment. This is facilitated as some individuals prefer a more frozen look than others.

    • Is the treatment safe? Any side effects?

    Our senior practitioners will ONLY proceed with injectables having individually examined you on assessment against any contra-indications OR red flags considering your past & current medical history as well as your aesthetic goals.

    You will be advised in writing and verbally on consultation about any possible treatment side effects.

    After Care

    You can carry on with your day as usual. However, we recommend the following:

    • No makeup except that applied by your practitioner on the day of treatment
    • No exercise on the day of treatment (the next morning is fine)
    • Stay awake / not laying down for 4-6 hours after treatment (if possible)
    • Avoid saunas, hot baths on day of treatment
    • Do not consume any alcohol or anti-inflammatory pain medication (NSAIDS or aspirin) BEFORE or After (on day) of your wrinkle injection treatment; this is related to your increased risk of bruising
    • If you are prone to bruising then please commence arnica tablets, 5 per day for 3 days before your wrinkle injection treatment
    • No other facial treatments in the same area as you have had wrinkle injection for two weeks after treatment e.g. facials, Dermapen, laser (however it is fine to have dermal filler on the same day as often they are done in the same consultation)
    • You’ll be advised of any additional instructions prior OR after your treatment with us



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