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    What is the Fab Clinic PDO Threads – Rejuvenation

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    PDO COGs (or Rejuvenation PDO Thread) treatments take advantage of the regenerative changes that take place in the dermis and subcutis from the expert insertion of PDO Threads using specific techniques. Multiple modes of action including Neo-collagenesis (the body’s production of fresh collagen) from a foreign body reaction, micro-circulation stimulation, increased metabolism, lipolysis, muscle relaxation, and increased tissue adhesion, result in skin tightening (by thickening and hydrating the skin) and slowing of the aging appearance (by strengthening the skin).

    This procedure is used when the main goal is to improve skin quality rather than lifting, but strategically inserted they will provide a small amount of lift via skin tightening as well as facial contouring. Although they can be used in strategic locations all around the face, typical treatment areas include a sagging jawline, neck sagging, tear troughs, the corners of the mouth, and the forehead. A typical treatment would involve anywhere from 10 – 20 rejuvenation threads per treatment area.

    The PDO Threads is a delicate procedure. Here at FAB Clinic, you’ll have the luxury of having your treatment delivered by expert senior aesthetics staff with an amazing aftercare provided by us to put you at complete ease.  

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    *Results may vary from person to person

    Summary Of Your Treatment

    • Procedure Time

      Approx. 60 min

    • Back To Work

      Within 24 Hours

    • Anaesthetic


    • Results

      Within 2-3 months

    • Risks & Complications

      Minor Bruising, Redness, Bleeding, Irritation

    • Prices

      From £500

    Frequently Asked Questions

    – Does it hurt?

    Before the treatment begins you will be given a local anaesthetic. This helps to numb the area to be treated and reduces any associated discomfort. Patients report little to no pain or discomfort from the procedure.

    – What areas of the face can a PDO thread lift be used to treat?

    As with a traditional facelift, a PDO thread lift can help to lift the entire face. As well as lifting, the treatment will stimulate the body to produce more collagen in the treatment area. It is particularly effective as a treatment to contour and add definition to the lower jaw, cheeks, eyebrows and neck.

    – How long do the results of a PDO thread lift last?

    You should notice an immediate improvement to your appearance, which will continue over several months as your body produces new collagen and the rejuvenating effects develop.

    The PDO threads usually dissolve after nine months following treatment but the results and improvements to your appearance last for several months following this. Every person is different and factors such as your age and the degree of sagging we have corrected will have an impact on the longevity of the treatment. Results are dependent on each individual. It is possible to have a top-up treatment with additional threads around six to nine months following the procedure to extend the benefits of the thread lift to up to three years.

    – What material are the threads made from?

    The sutures and cones used in a PDO thread lift are made from Polydioxanone (PDO for short), which is a polymer that has been used for surgical sutures for many years. The threads are well tolerated, strong and breakdown naturally over time.

    – Is a PDO thread lift safe?

    In the hands of an experienced and highly trained practitioner, the PDO thread lift has an excellent safety record. The risks associated with the PDO thread lift are less than fillers and much less than a surgical facelift.

    Minor side effects of this treatment include bruising, swelling, tenderness, numbness and slight asymmetry, although most will resolve within a couple of days. Complications are rare, and are less likely in the hands of a skilled and trained practitioner.

    Naturally, we will explain all the pros and cons of this treatment with you before you decide whether to go ahead with it.

    – Can anyone have a PDO thread lift?

    Most patients who choose a PDO thread lift are in their 30s or older, as this treatment is ideal if you have mild to moderate sagging. It would not be recommended for someone in their 20s.

    – Is there anything I should do before my treatment?

    Before your treatment you will need to remove all make up and any residual creams or lotions on your face. The day before your treatment it is advisable to avoid alcohol, aspirin, Ibuprofen, omega fish oils, Gingko Biloba, Vitamins C and E in order to minimise any bruising from the procedure itself.

    After Care
    • This will be communicated to you in writing in the form of instruction sheets for the aftercare. You’ll also be thoroughly briefed at the clinic before & after your procedure.
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