OBAGI Acne Express Facial

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    What is the Fab Clinic OBAGI Acne Express Facial

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    This 10-step Facial uses a combination of AHA’s and BHA’s to exfoliate the skin, while Benzoyl Peroxide treats active spots. Utilising some of our much-loved OBAGI products, including the Clenziderm Pore Therapy and Therpeutic Lotion, this facial will leave you with clearer and decongested skin, while actively fighting current breakouts. This facial is adjustable to all skin types and is a great addition to the everyday skincare routine of anyone with acne-prone skin.

    The 10-step protocol begins with a thorough consultation, and includes a comprehensive skin analysis that allows your therapist to identify any problem areas and select the best products to suit your individual needs. The 10-step course of this facial guides you from initial consultation with your therapist through Skin cleansing, preparation, clarification, acne treatment, hydration and finally, skin protection, using a curated range of medical-grade OBAGI Facial products.

    All facials available at FAB Clinic are ONLY carried out by medically trained aesthetics staff and we are committed to providing the highest level of peel brands such as OBAGI.

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    *Results may vary from person to person

    Summary Of Your Treatment

    • Procedure Time

      Approx. 30-60 min

    • Back To Work

      Within 24 Hours

    • Anaesthetic


    • Results

      Variable (Usually within 2-3 months)

    • Risks & Complications

      Minor Bruising, Redness, Irritation

    • Prices

      From £100

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • When will I see results?

    How quickly you will begin to see your results will vary depending on your individual skin type, the concerns you are hoping to address, and the Facial treatment plan you opt for. When deciding your treatment plan with you, your therapist will explain how quickly we expect you to begin seeing results. It may be that you begin to see the refreshed, rejuvenated result you are hoping for immediately after your first treatment, or it may take a few weeks or months for those changes to reveal themselves. It all depends on you and your skin, and we will take before and after shots so that you can see your progression as you move through your regime.

    • Are these Facials suitable for my skin type and concerns?

    Every facial at FAB Clinic is specifically designed to be suitable for every skin type and tone and to address a range of your skincare concerns. Your therapist will explore these with you during an in-depth consultation and build you a bespoke Facial treatment plan using our available treatment options to target your concerns and problem areas and maximise the benefit you gain from every single Facial.

    • How often should I have a Facial?

    The frequency that you should have your facial treatments will vary depending on your unique Facial treatment plan. If you are combining your facial treatments with other treatments, or with other Facial options, as decided with your therapist, you may need to space out your treatments more to gain optimum results. However, for the majority of our Facial treatment plans, we would plan to have you return every 2-6 weeks for your next Facial Treatment.

    After Care
    • Avoid touching or picking at your newly cleansed skin
    • Do not use any products that contain retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acid products, as these can cause excessive redness
    • Stay out of the sun if possible because your skin will be very sensitive to UV damage
    • Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, such as OBAGI Sun Shield Matte, at all times
    • To help optimise the results, you may want to consider purchasing an OBAGI Transformation System or optional maintenance product
    Treatment Price
    • A single Facial: £100
    • A course of 3 Facials: £270
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