Physio Assessment (in-clinic Ultrasound)

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    What is the Fab Clinic Physio Assessment (in-clinic Ultrasound)

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    Although many injuries and symptoms are straight-forward, some require a more in-depth glance at the body part on a musculoskeletal (MSK) level. Here at FAB Clinic, we use some of the most advanced ultrasound diagnostics machines to assist with an appropriate diagnosis. In real-time, major and minute muscle, joint bone movements are captured and analysed to navigate through to a solid decision on the root-cause of certain conditions.

    In-clinic ultrasound analysis is key to increase the precision of diagnosis and acts paramount in devising appropriate and effective treatment plans.

    Based on your clinical presentations and symptoms, on consultation/visit, our admin staff (on the phone) or your clinical experts will guide you on whether you will benefit from an in-clinic ultrasound session for your initial assessment.

    Following your session, options are available to produce official reports for us to provide for you for your GP, hospital, consultant, etc.

    FAB Clinic is committed to providing an unparalleled level of patient care on all aspects of your journey with us. Whether you are only exploring treatment options or are browsing to see what is available. Our panel of clinical experts and physiotherapists consist of some the most respected and experienced BAND 8, Advanced Practitioners (AP) OR Extended Scope Practitioners (ESPs) in the whole of west London.

    Talk to us today to see if we could assist you in your journey to a timely recovery.

    *Results may vary from person to person

    Summary Of Your Treatment

    • Procedure Time

      30 min

    • Back To Work

      Various Depending on Condition

    • Anaesthetic


    • Results

      1-3 Weeks (Depending)

    • Risks & Complications


    • Prices

      From £120

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Various. Please consult with your treating practitioner on consultation.
    After Care
    • There are no special requirements or precaution to follow after the initial assessment of your physiotherapy. However, as part of your treatment plan, you might be provided a home exercise plan. If you do, this will be emailed to you and clear instructions will be given on how to adhere to them step by step.
    Treatment Price
    • £95 for Initial Assessment (In-Clinic Ultrasound)
    • £150 for Initial Assessment (Ultrasound + Report)
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