Forehead Wrinkles (Botox)

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    What is the Fab Clinic Forehead Wrinkles (Botox)

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    Crease lines and wrinkles on the foreheads appear with age as we engage our muscles to express emotions. The longer these wrinkles take to treat, the deeper they become. The thin layer of muscle above the eyebrows are contracted with every facial movement we initiate. The way we treat this is by injecting small quantities of Botulinum Toxin through tiny needles on specific muscle groups to weaken the muscle contractions. This achieves a natural looking wrinkle-free look on the forehead that will appear fresh and rejuvenated.

    Toxins are ONLY used to cause temporary muscle paralysis and only works on the areas above the eyebrows. There are exceptions to inject toxins on certain lower face parts such as for Lip Flip procedures.

    Toxins are individually prescribed by the treating practitioners for you specifically and we only use the highest quality substance brands available in the UK.  

    All facial injections are strictly administered by highly experienced and qualified advanced aesthetics staff or GMC-registered doctors at FAB Clinic.

    *Results may vary from person to person

    Summary Of Your Treatment

    • Procedure Time

      Approx. 20min

    • Back To Work


    • Anaesthetic


    • Results

      Within 3 Days

    • Risks & Complications

      Minor Bruising, Irritation

    • Prices

      From £200

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How long will it take before I see results?

    Results are expected usually from the 3rd day of your injection

    • How long will the results last for?

    In general, wrinkle injections last approximately 3-4 months. However, individuals with higher or lower than average muscle activity can expect proportionally higher or lower lasting results, respectively.

    • Is the injection painful?

    Wrinkle injections are very routine and minimally invasive. Low to moderate discomfort will be experienced. With that said, prior to the injection, the area is anaesthetised using a strong numbing cream for maximum patient comfort.

    • How long before I can go back to my normal life?

    Some redness and irritation will be experienced during the administration of the injection, and you can almost immediately resume your normal activities with some limitations in order for your toxins to work effectively (SEE AFTERCARE).

    • Do I need a follow-up appointment after my injection?

    Usually not. However, patients are offered a complimentary touch-up on ALL our wrinkle injections should they need to within 2 weeks of the appointment. This is facilitated as some individuals prefer a more frozen look than others.

    • Is the treatment safe? Any side effects?

    Our senior practitioners will ONLY proceed with injectables having individually examined you on assessment against any contra-indications OR red flags considering your past & current medical history as well as your aesthetic goals.

    You will be advised in writing and verbally on consultation about any possible treatment side effects.

    • Will Botox stop my forehead sweating?

    Botox is a significant boon for individuals dealing with craniofacial hyperhidrosis, substantially enhancing their quality of life. It effectively reduces forehead sweating by a minimum of 75% and delivers results that typically last for around five months. Regular follow-up appointments with your Botox provider are advisable to determine the need for additional injections in order to sustain dryness.

    • Will Botox help Jowl’s?

    Yes, to a certain extent, Botox can address jowl lines, but its effectiveness depends on the underlying cause of these wrinkles. If the primary concern is the jowl lines themselves, then targeted Botox injections in specific facial regions may serve as a suitable treatment option.

    • Will Botox stop sweating?

    Yes. FDA clearance has been granted for employing Botox injections in addressing excessive sweating. Within the skin, Botox effectively deactivates sweat glands, restoring a typical, dry appearance. This treatment is conducted during a routine outpatient clinic appointment, and it does not necessitate any recovery period or specialized aftercare.

    • Will Botox lift my eyebrows?

    When Botox is administered to specific areas near the eyebrows, it induces muscle relaxation, resulting in smoother skin above them. This relaxation of the eyebrow muscles causes them to lift, enhancing the appearance of more open eyes, giving patients a refreshed and alert look that they often find quite pleasing.

    • Will Botox lift my eyelids?

    Botox injections have the ability to subtly elevate the skin around the eyelids, resulting in a naturally refreshed appearance for the eyes. The rapid onset of results is another advantage, as Botox typically takes just a few days to take effect, delivering the desired wider and more alert eye appearance swiftly.

    • Will Botox get rid of (existing) wrinkles?

    Botox has the ability to temporarily immobilize your muscles, which can aid in the gentle smoothing of existing wrinkles and act as a preventive measure against the formation of new ones. However, it’s important to note that Botox may not fully address very deep wrinkles and is unlikely to completely eliminate them.

    • Are Botox top ups free?

    Patients come in for a follow-up appointment two weeks later, during which we administer additional Botox (please note that this touch-up is provided at no additional cost). If you have any concerns or are not entirely satisfied with the outcome before this scheduled visit, we encourage patients to visit our clinic for a complimentary review.

    • Are Botox results instant?

    While Botox produces rapid effects, it may take one to two weeks for the muscles to respond and cease their movement. Botox operates by interrupting the communication between the protein that instructs our muscles and nerves to contract, but this process doesn’t occur immediately. There’s no cause for concern if your desired results aren’t immediately apparent.

    • Can Botox cause cancer?

    There is no substantiated evidence to suggest that Botox can lead to cancer. The safe use of Botox injections for over two decades has not been linked to any reports of enduring health issues. Therefore, you can be confident that the rumors surrounding Botox are unfounded myths.

    • What Botox lasts the longest?

    Although the majority of neuromodulators typically result in smoother skin lasting approximately 3-4 months, Daxxify stands out by extending the effects for as long as 6 months or even more. This makes it a compelling alternative to Botox for anti-wrinkle treatments.

    • Can Botox cause blindness?

    Is Botox Linked to Vision Loss? There is no documented evidence to suggest that Botox can lead to blindness. A thorough meta-analysis of reports on post-injection vision loss, which includes over 50 cases from around the world spanning the last two decades, has not identified any instances where Botox was implicated.

    • Can Botox cause headaches?

    A headache can be an associated side effect of Botox therapy. In clinical trials, individuals using Botox to address conditions such as chronic (long-term) migraine, characterized by headaches and other symptoms, as well as cervical dystonia involving the involuntary tightening of neck muscles, were more likely to experience headaches as a side effect.

    After Care

    You can carry on with your day as usual. However, we recommend the following:

    • No makeup except that applied by your practitioner on the day of treatment
    • No exercise on the day of treatment (the next morning is fine)
    • Stay awake / not laying down for 4-6 hours after treatment (if possible)
    • Avoid saunas, hot baths on day of treatment
    • Do not consume any alcohol or anti-inflammatory pain medication (NSAIDS or aspirin) BEFORE or After (on day) of your wrinkle injection treatment; this is related to your increased risk of bruising
    • If you are prone to bruising then please commence arnica tablets, 5 per day for 3 days before your wrinkle injection treatment
    • No other facial treatments in the same area as you have had wrinkle injection for two weeks after treatment e.g. facials, Dermapen, laser (however it is fine to have dermal filler on the same day as often they are done in the same consultation)
    • You will be advised of any additional instructions prior OR after your treatment with us
    Treatment Price


    £200 for 1 Area

    £250 for 2 Areas

    £290 for 3 Areas



    £220 for 1 Area

    £270 for 2 Areas

    £310 for 3 Areas

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