Vitamin Therapy

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    What is the Fab Clinic Vitamin Therapy

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    Often times, the reason for hair loss (specially in women) is vitamin deficiency. Unlike for men where the majority of the cases above the age of 25 are associated with Male Pattern Baldness, women’s cause of hair loss can be stopped and reversed with a few changes and fixed in their dietary regiment.

    Importantly, it is not always easy to absorb all the necessary minerals, proteins and nutritious ingredients required to maintain healthy hair through diet, not to mention many individuals’ bodies’ capabilities to absorb such elements naturally through food becomes impaired given various health conditions.

    Here at FAB Clinic, we offer vitamin therapy (through muscular injections) to mitigate hair loss. These injections vary depending on individuals’ needs to ensure a healthy intake of vital elements. The frequency of injections will vary from individual to individual and the clinical needs. However, patients usually are advised to undergo a course of vitamin therapy to best harness full benefits.

    Consult with one of our experts at FAB Clinic to see if vitamin therapy can be the solution to your hair loss.

    *Results may vary from person to person

    Summary Of Your Treatment

    • Procedure Time

      Approx. 20 min

    • Back To Work


    • Anaesthetic


    • Results

      Within 2-3 Months

    • Risks & Complications

      Minor Bruising, Discomfort

    • Prices

      From £55

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Please liaise with your clinical specialist at FAB Clinic on assessment.
    After Care
    • Please liaise with your clinical specialist at FAB Clinic on assessment.
    Treatment Price
    • A single session: £55
    • A course of 3 sessions: £140 (RECOMMENDED)
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