Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Transformation System Normal to Oily



Obagi Nu-Derm is a revolutionary skincare solution designed to rejuvenate your skin from within, featuring a prescription-based 4% hydroquinone formula crafted specifically for those with normal to oily skin types. While skin aging is a natural process, it’s often accelerated by daily exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. This exposure can lead to premature aging, resulting in a dull complexion and the accumulation of older, damaged skin layers due to slower cell turnover.

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is here to make a transformative difference by effectively reducing the appearance of dark spots, revealing a younger, healthier-looking complexion. It’s a comprehensive skincare regimen meticulously crafted for normal to oily skin types, addressing concerns such as hyperpigmentation (including dark spots and melasma), as well as revitalizing the look of aging skin.

If you’re dealing with age spots, skin roughness, sallowness (a yellowish complexion), or hyperpigmentation issues, Nu-Derm is the solution you’ve been searching for. Please note that a prescription is required for this product. To obtain it, get in touch with your healthcare provider, or locate a nearby physician who offers this remarkable skincare solution. Your path to more radiant skin begins with Obagi Nu-Derm.

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Best for Skin Discoloration – Aging and sagging
Skin Types: Combination & Normal to Oily

Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Transformation System Normal to Oily

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